Our Clients

As extremely grateful as we are for all of our clients, we understand that Buchanan Capital Management is not right for everyone. This is why we have an introductory meeting before we enter into a working relationship with everyone we meet. This allows us to learn about their goals and values, and ultimately determine whether or not both parties feel as though it’s a good fit. Here are a few categories of clientele that we have experienced great success in serving:

Individuals & Families

Regardless of age or lifestyle, the desire for financial security is universal. We provide families and individuals with a tailored plan that leads them to a comfortable, prosperous future. Our greatest joy is to transition our clients to a place of financial freedom, where they own their time. As we all know, time is our most valuable asset. If our careful planning provides the ability to spend less time on work and more time with loved ones, then we know we've added value.


As an independent financial services firm, we have the flexibility of working with businesses in many capacities. We provide company retirement plans such as 401(k), SEP, SIMPLE, Deferred Compensation and Nonqualified plans. Being independent, we have the luxury of surveying all possible plan providers to find the one that will best suit your needs. Also, we provide Key Person Insurance for businesses in need.


Oftentimes, professionals don’t have the ability to stay connected with the rapidly changing financial markets. During the day, they are consumed with the demands of work. After a day at work, they would rather spend quality time with their family, than spend it re-balancing their portfolio. They understand that monitoring daily earnings reports will not help them achieve “work life balance”. We stay ahead of the financial markets for them, providing them with the access, service, and results that they need.


Retirees spend decades saving their earnings, and growing their wealth to one day reach retirement. As their trusted advisor, it’s our responsibility to protect the wealth that they should never have to re-create. This is done through diversification and constant oversight. We make a concerted effort to reach out to our clients monthly, and make sure they are receiving the level of service that they need. In our opinion, effective communication coupled with a solid financial plan leads to a happy retirement.


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