Why Choose Us

The most innovative and successful companies all have one thing in common. They provide their customers with products and services that add value. Here's how Buchanan Capital Management will add value for you:


As an independent financial services firm, we work directly for you. We are not beholden to a large brokerage firm for our investment list, or to a private bank for our fee structure. Our allegiance lies with our clients, and no one else. This allows us to have a truly objective view of the markets. As an independent firm, we make investment choices based on the probability that an asset will grow, and not on the size of the commission we will receive. This business model avoids conflicts of interest, and puts us in our clients shoes. Every decision we make has our client's best interest at heart.


Trust is paramount. It’s our belief that if we provide clarity and transparency in all aspects of our dealings, then this will lead to long, prosperous relationships for all parties. We believe in straightforward communication, and we avoid unnecessary financial jargon. We have a simple and reasonable fee structure that can be easily understood. Most importantly, we make ourselves readily available, and provide our clients with 24/7 access to their accounts online. The bottom line is, if our clients need information, then they will receive it promptly, and in plain english.

Your Fiduciary

As your trusted advisor, we comply with the Oklahoma Uniform Securities Act of 2004 and the rules of the Oklahoma Securities Commission. We hold ourselves to a fiduciary standard that requires us to act solely in our client's best interest. This is a legal standard that is more stringent than the “suitability” test given by banks and large brokerage firms. We are proud to serve you in this capacity. We never forget whose hard earned money we are managing, and we always treat it with the highest level of care and consideration.

Tailored to Fit

What’s more personal than an individual's finances? The answer to that question is their morals and ethics. At Buchanan Capital Management, we work with our clients to build a custom portfolio that reflects their values. We are extremely stringent in our research of investment prospectuses, and we only invest in funds that clearly disclose their holdings. This way, we always know what countries, industries, and companies our client's money is invested in. We know that some of our clients would rather hold their money in cash, than grow it while investing in companies that don’t support their beliefs. For this reason, we do our best to make sure that never happens.


Central to our design is the ability to serve our clients. We believe first class service separates great companies from good ones. This is why our clients enjoy having their tasks completed promptly, and their phone calls returned in a timely manner. We challenge you to find a firm that creates a better client experience!

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